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Due South PLUS Medical Plan is back for 2018–2019 with some valuable improvements to the plan like:
  1. the Premium adjustments for deductibles of $500US and $1,000US are now higher which means that you pay less when choosing those deductibles
  2. improved treatment of certain carotid stenosis cases
  3. bowel conditions and gastrointestinal bleed are now in a lower cost plan
  4. medical marijuana, e-cigarettes and non-smoking aids are not counted as tobacco products
  5. if you have a retiree plan with a limited lifetime maximum, we will not go after the first $100,000. If your limit is over $100,000, we will only use 50% of the amount over $100,000. Other plans take up to 100%
  6. we have revised certain definitions

Other features of the plan:

  • Available up to age 85
  • $2,000,000 of coverage
  • Annual Multi-Trip Plans available up to 62 days for most ages
  • Annual Multi-Trip policies also include coverage for trips in Canada
  • Many deductible options: $0US, $300US, $500US, $1,000US, $5,000US and $10,000US
  • You can buy down your pre-existing condition stability period to 7 days for the first claim and to 60 days for any subsequent claim(s) for the same medical condition
  • Hips or knees that were replaced more than 12 months prior to your departure date are not a policy exclusion
  • Some aneurysms are accepted into the plan (see the Eligibility Requirements)
  • An older coronary artery by-pass, coronary angioplasty or stent insertion up to 20 years ago is eligible for coverage
  • No top-up fees
  • Great refund policy
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Due South PLUS Medical Plan fits the needs of:

  • *
    Many who don't meet the rigid eligibility requirements in most travel insurance plans
  • The eligibility requirements in the Due South PLUS Medical Plan are easier to meet
  • *
    Those who have a pre-existing condition which has not been stable very long
  • OR
  • Those who have a recently diagnosed medical condition
  • You can buy down your pre-existing condition stability period to 7 days for your first claim and to 60 days for any subsequent claim(s) for the same medical condition.
Review all of these in the Due South PLUS Medical Plan policy.
  • Emergency Ambulance Transportation
    Eligible expenses
  • Private Nursing
  • Emergency Dental Due to Accidental Blow to the Mouth
  • Emergency Relief of Dental Pain
  • Return of Your Vehicle
  • Emergency Return Home
    Eligible expenses
  • Expenses Related to Your Death
  • Removal of a Cast or Stitches After an Emergency
  • Subsistence Allowance
  • Bedside Companion Travel Care
    Eligible expenses
  • Emergency Paramedical/Professional Services
    $250 per practitioner
  • 24 Hour Worldwide Emergency Medical Assistance
  • NOTE: All premiums, benefits, and maximum amounts payable are quoted in Canadian dollars unless otherwise specified. All deductibles are in US dollars and apply to each claim occurrence.
  • See the policy for full details.

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