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  • NO-CLAIM Deductible Credit (see details below)
  • Available up to age 94
  • Many deductible options: $0US, $350US, $500US, $1,000US, $5,000US and $10,000US
  • Reduced pre-existing condition stability option
  • 1 Month Stability Option if you had a recent medication change
  • Annual Multi-Trip plans available up to 62 days for most ages
  • Annual Multi-Trip policies also include coverage for trips in Canada (outside your province)
  • Up to $2,000,000 of Coverage for emergency medical services
  • Retiree Plan Top-up coverage available for no extra charge if you purchase at least 35 days of coverage for a single trip
  • Major Event Return Home benefit included with your Single Trip or Annual Multi-Trip policy
  • Hips or knees that were replaced more than 12 months prior to your departure date are not a policy exclusion
  • An older coronary artery by-pass, coronary angioplasty or stent insertion up to 20 years ago is eligible for coverage
  • Optional ADD-ON BUNDLE which includes the following benefits: Medical Follow-Up Visit, Protect your No-Claim Deductible Credit, Pet Return. See the policy for full details.
  • We accept cancellations and early return refund requests via telephone, mail, email or fax
  • Direct Payment to Hospitals and other providers where possible
  • A daily rate plan – pay only for the days you need
  • No Top-up fees
Insuring Canadian Seniors for over 25 Years


If you were insured last season under any of the Travel Insurance Specialists products and did not report a claim, your $350US deductible will be reduced to $300US when purchasing the TravelHealth Medical Plan this season. Also, if you did not report a claim in the last 2 consecutive seasons, your deductible will be reduced to $250US; if you did not report a claim in the last 3 consecutive seasons, your deductible will be reduced to $200US or if you did not report a claim in the last 4 consecutive seasons, your deductible will be reduced to $150US. If you were covered by another insurer during any of the last four seasons, you qualify for the same reduction in deductible if you did not have any claim(s) with the other insurer. (Note: There will be a cost-savings if you qualify for the NO-CLAIM Deductible Credit, but would like to reduce your deductible to $0.)

Benefits for Emergencies

We provide coverage up to $2 Million per person per claim for emergency medical services.

Benefits Summary — 2018–2019 Season
  • Emergency Ambulance Transportation
    Eligible expenses
  • Private Nursing
  • Emergency Dental Due to Accidental Blow to the Mouth
  • Emergency Relief of Dental Pain
  • Major Event Return Home
  • Return of Your Vehicle
  • Emergency Return Home
    Eligible expenses
  • Expenses Related to Your Death
  • Removal of a Cast or Stitches after an Emergency
  • Child Return Under Your Care
    Eligible expenses
  • Subsistence Allowance
  • Bedside Companion Travel Care
    Eligible expenses
  • Emergency Paramedical/Professional Services
    $250 per practitioner
  • 24 Hour Worldwide Emergency Medical Assistance
  • NOTE: All premiums, benefits, and maximum amounts payable are quoted in Canadian dollars unless otherwise specified. All deductibles are in US dollars and apply to each claim occurrence.
    See the policy for full details.

Deductible Choices (Optional)

The policy has a $350US deductible per claim. You have the option to change your deductible to ZERO, $500US, $1,000US, $5,000US, or $10,000US.

Buy down your pre-existing condition stability period (Optional)

The pre-existing condition stability period that you qualify for (either 3 months or 12 months) is based on the plan that you qualify for. If you qualify for a pre-existing condition stability period of 12 months prior to any departure date, you have the option to "buy-down" the stability period for pre-existing condition coverage to 3 months. If you choose this option, the policy will cover eligible expenses for a medical condition that was stable in the 3 months prior to the departure date of any trip.

Also, if you had a replacement, elimination or an increase/decrease in dosage or frequency of a medication that was prescribed more than 3 months prior to your departure date, you can reduce the stability period for the medical condition that the medication treats to 1 month prior to any departure date.

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